The following reading guides for the gospels were written between January 1995 - June 1997. These were used mostly for retreats that I gave for religious nuns and for the Kabataang Agustino Formation Program (University of San Agustin, Iloilo). The topics were divided into "Encountering Jesus", "Knowing Jesus", "Discipleship is Co-Discipleship", "The Failure of Discipleship" and "The Resurrection and The Restoration of Discipleship as Gift of the Risen Lord". The schematic arrangement of the titles of these reading guides still reflects those themes. It is not the first time that these reading guides are made available to the Web.

These guides were first uploaded to the servers of FreeHome.Com but due to the short-lived existence of the website, the original files were lost. I have recovered a copy of these reading guides from old floppy disks that I have salvaged from my years at the University.

It is strongly recommended that whoever uses these guides should have their bibles on hand. For every bible reading session, I give an overall view of the bible section to be read and some observations. After these observations, I suggest a way of understanding the topics. I suggest that the reader should read my suggestions for understanding AFTER he/she has read the bible section by him/herself.

If at any point in your reading, you feel the desire to go back to this index, look for this image Just A Buttonat the right hand bottom of the screen. Clicking on it will bring you back one page.

The Gospel of Mark


The Gospel of John